About Us

About Our Studio

Our specialty is: kundalini style, kundalini meditation, – We also offer other courses: kripalu, hatha, vinyasa, pre-natal, child yoga, mama bebe, and a teacher training program every year, workshops, sessions spiritual counseling and other therapies and care.

CEO – Owner

Shabad Saroop Singh is a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and trainer by Kundalini research institute (KRI) and co-founder and director of Equilibrium Yoga that opened it’s doors on september 10th, 2001. In 1981 he started to seriously practice kundalini yoga. He met Yogi Bhajan in 1982 and has since studied with this great master under his personal tutelage. He has been teaching Yoga for more then 30 years and regularly travels to study and deepen his knowledge of yoga. Shabad offers, every year at his studio the “Aquarian teacher ” kundalini yoga level 1 teacher training, since 2004. Over the years he also gave that training in Québec city, Ottawa, Toronto, London, Cambridge and Rochester NY. He successfully trained over 300 new Kundalini yoga teachers over this time frame. He is as well accredited to teach all 5 level 2 modules and level 3 “The 21 stages of meditation. Shabad shares the teachings of Yoga with warmth, humanity, wisdom and a rare sense of humour. Teaching for him is a vehicle to serve others and to contribute to the upliftment of humanity.


Director – Part owner

Sat Narayan Kaur, a certified Kundalini yoga instructor, trained in Kundalini Yoga, has been practising since 2004. Her involvement in the business side at Equilibrium has given her opportunity to pursue the spiritual. Her teachings have been focused primarily in the meditation aspect of Kundalini Yoga. The Science of Naad and the mind.