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For Conscious Parenting with Jayme Hernandez
April 20, 21 and 28 , 2019!
9AM – 5PM

$525before March 1st, 2019
$495 (each) for both taking the Mom&Baby & Prenatal Yoga Teacher Trainings
$312.50 for previous graduates of this postnatal training
(taxes included)


• Includes:
• In Class, Assignments, Practice Teach, Live Class Observations
• Teacher Training Workbook.
• Certification Upon Completion..
• Certification Upon Completion.
• Yoga Alliance CE’s.

This specialized certification is ideal for those who maintain a regular meditation practice and a regular hatha yoga practice, yoga teachers or teachers in training and for professionals in related fields that maintain a regular yoga practice.

Course Outline

1. What is Yoga?
2. A) Deepening our Personal practice, b) Exploring our Teacher practice.
3. The role of a Mom & Baby Yoga Teacher.
4. What is the nature of baby?
5. What is the nature of mother?
6. Addressing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual needs of mom & baby.
7. Understanding baby’s behavioural states, newborn reflexes, cries, infant cues, bonding.
8. Understanding mother’s moods, energy, concentration levels & physical sensitivities.
9. Practicing conscious communication with baby, mom, family and group.
10. Anatomical & physiological considerations for baby and mother, stable alignment, proper and safe assists.
11. Teaching mothers how to massage, tone and stimulate their babies.
12. Yoga postures for babies, Yoga postures for mothers, how to integrate the two.
13. Teaching breath awareness and safe breathing techniques.
14. Teaching different forms of meditation to mother’s.
15. Practicing and teaching energy work.
16. Practicing and teaching yoga of sound and mantra.
17. Exploring Yamas & Niyamas and how it can relate to Mom & Baby Yoga.
18. Helping mom & baby integrate yoga into their moment-to-moment life.
19. Learning to a balance between structure and organic unfolding while teaching a Mom & Baby yoga class.
20. Promoting and organizing a Mom & Baby Yoga class.

Jayme Hernandez is the mother of two beautiful girls. She is the founder of Nurture Yoga Therapy, which is a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance. Nurture Yoga Therapy offers 200-hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training programs. Mom and Baby Yoga Certifications and Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certifications programs registered as a Continuing Education Program with Yoga Alliance. Jayme Hernandez has been practising traditional yoga and meditation for over 20 years and offers a practice from a holistic approach. Understanding to truly discover our infinite potential we must work within our physical, mental, energetic fields of awareness as well as all conscious expressions of existence. Jayme specializes in Prenatal Yoga and Postnatal Yoga Therapy, Mom and Baby Yoga and Couples Birthing Workshops. She is a certified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Infant Massage Association and is a certified Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher. Jayme holds an advance teacher training certification in therapeutic yoga and coach’s individuals one on one. Jayme has taught yoga to thousands of individuals, couples, mothers and their babies. Jayme has taught yoga to thousands of individuals, couples, mothers and their babies. These Prenatal and Postnatal Trainings offers teachers the opportunity to in still the conscious practice of yoga in the heart of society: mother and child.

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